10 Fitness Tips For Your Lady Parts.


A Step By Step Checklist To Get You Back Into Lifting Heavy, Running Marathons  and getting you back to loving your body.



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In This 10 Step Checklist For Your Pelvic Floor, You Will Learn:


How To Improve Performance In The Weight Room, Board Room... And Bathroom.

Strengthening your core with crunches and planks are not as effective as you may think. And most of us are doing them wrong anyway. Did you know there is no point in holding a plank for 20-minutes? Yep, those challenges are useless.

Sleep, stress and nutrition all play a large role in your core and pelvic floor function. You will be surprised with how this all ties into how your pelvic health and your overall performance in the gym.

Build the strongest body with strength and conditioning, that will protect your core and pelvic floor. Yes, you can be even stronger that you before. Trust me on this one.

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Terrell carefully watched me perform movements. She taught me how to breathe while performing the movements, to better brace my core and tie in my pelvic floor function. She also gave me exercises to help with the pelvic floor issues I was having.  I wish I had worked with her sooner after giving birth!


CrossFit Athlete

After living with pelvic pain during and after pregnancy, Terrell helped me gain the confidence I needed in my body while helping me learn its (temporary) limitations. She  also helped me realize there were endless modifications to moves I was able to do before pregnancy.



Working with Terrell, as well as  helped me to become more aware of my core and pelvic floor during exercise and optimize my breathing and recovery so that I can be pain free during my daily activities, running, playing sports, and strength training.


Marathon Runner

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